About Us 369

Between the past and the future came Candle Mania Egypt with more than 20 years of professional experience by the designer Manal Al-Qurashy
 to merge between the beauty of the past on the future pace,to draw a lightning painting of candles.
our candle are first characterized by high quality,
second withstand temperatures,
third our candles are 100% handmade arabesque,copper,mosaic.
forth is processed so it doesn't oxidize
fifth the inner candle is natural with high quality fuse
sixth:the scents are picked from all over the world in high quality
seventh:candle mania candles are designed with special measurements to create a special atmosphere of relaxation and help organizing the body energy
our mission is to maintain and improve the handicraft welfare and to satisfy all tastes and provide special candles for special occasions with names,photos in weddings,
Ramadan,and any beautiful occasion

Because beauty is always our Goal