order  up to 5000 $ 

Hollow Set Candles

299000 EGP

500 SET HOLLOW CANDLES 15X30CM WEIGHT 3000 gr ,100 15X22CM WEIGHT 2500 gr ,100 15X15X15 CM WEIGHT 1500 gr total weight 3500 kg different motif design only 5 colors ivory ,red,green,orange ,foshia Total 1500 candles

The Arabesque Wood

149000 EGP

250  The Arabesque wood candle 15x15x30 defrent desgin weight 2500gr per one. all with wood hand made only ivory color and Brown wood

custom MIX brass

100000 EGP

500 candle small  10x10x12 defrent desgin islamic 100 ,modern 150, 100 sufi ,150 Oriental designs


700 EGP

Etisalat Is a beautiful 13 x 16 Brass & 10X12 cm print candle design in Custom design. This candle is truly a special gift". Each candle comes with a 18 hour glass. PRICE ORDER UP 5000$